and others.. my question to you… why throw away your identity? Think smart walk away from google there other search engines… that are MUCH better and very safe… soooooo what will it e norton and privacy or google and throw ya life out the window? Each day the internet becomes more and more dangerous… walk away from google folks.. Recently recently installed Norton vpn with Lifelock’s definitely a life saver. Especially when Identity Fraud is going on , you want to be protected in all areas of your personal information online technologically. Via Phones buy app review, IPads, tablets, etc. when identity theft are taken place you will get alert . The only problem I have is when Vpn are on , you can’t go on certain website I like I had to turn off the vpn to go into a particular shopping website.Otherwise it will be an excellent app. Norton team will do their best to protect your identity..So far so good no complaints…

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This is the 2nd VPN service I’ve tried. Used Express VPN the 1st. It was so confusing to use, and I couldn’t even get it to work actually. So I canceled the service. Norton’s VPN is super easy to use and understand! And it actually works and I know it is! Wish they had it available for Kindle Fires, but oh well, still works great on my iPad, iPhone, and Laptop! And $10 a month makes it even cheaper then ExpVPN. Am very happy with my purchase!

A good VPN should protect both cellular and WiFi data transmission and should therefore always automatically remain “on” unless manually turned off. Among the ones I’ve tried, Norton Secure VPN is the only one that does (including NordVPN and ExpressVPN). I never worry about any connection whether it’s cellular or WiFi (secured or unsecured). Norton VPN is always there running in the background hiding my IP, preventing ad tracking, and NEVER degrading performance. 6 stars. Hi telegram!Thanks for this awesome app👍I have two requests…🙏1_Please add download manager(or similar something include list of downloads , type of files , download speed , pause , stop , and…) to desktop version of telegram.2_Please add Folder to education group👉for example our education group study several lessons like biology & biochemistry & … and we uploaded files in group if files uploaded in separate folder, access them for students will be very easy android app ratings.

 Please accept my special thanks 🙏️i dont usually leave reviews for apps but…. telegram is by far the BEST messaging app EVER! there’s no limit on file size to be sent, you can start polls, create your own sticker pack easily and you dont need your phone around to access your chats after the first time you log in (this is really my favorite part- especially when i forget my entire phone at home, as long as i still have my laptop with telegram pre-logged in ill be able to function. ALSO, SECRET CHATS! and theres so many special customizable features for telegram that you wonder why anyone uses any other messaging app in the first place!