How To Use Best Earning Apps To your Desire

Carrot makes getting things done more interesting and that helps me get those little tasks done. I’m caught up on laundry for the first time in years thanks to this app. I also recommend the Carrot alarm clock. It’s been fantastic and best earning apps.

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“I love this app! I get so much more accomplished. I actually tell myself I need to get more stuff done, so CARROT won’t get mad at me. lol She says some off the wall, crazy things at times.

The only things I would add would be:

  1. Landscape view
  2. A larger space to write and/or being able to scroll to the beginning to edit long tasks.
  3. It would be nice to color code our tasks by priority. 
  4. I wish we could set up automatic reminders for daily tasks. It would be much better than setting a loud alarm. For example, work related tasks where you don’t want an alarm to go off. Thank you!”

“It’s simple, clean, well-designed, clever, and fun to use. It’s not often I actually manage to use a to-do list, no matter how much I want to. This has actually helped. I’ll never get scurvy with CARROT around.

Update: I still love CARROT, but it would be nice to see some new content. Also, I think it would be great to add at least a few options for organization. Even something simple like an optional priority setting would be helpful.”

“Have tried many task apps and organization methods. I find myself using carrot most often bc its simplicity makes it unintimidating and impossible to waste time inputting items.  With many todo list apps, the amount of functions and features can make creating todo lists a task in and of itself.

Good for short term action items.  I think the reward and point set up is encouraging and does help with motivation for paytm money earning apps.  

Really needs an option to reduce font size.”

I just learned about this app (company) and thought it sounded kind of fun to do, so I signed up and completed my first observation today. It was looking for items at Winn-Dixie to see if they were in stock and how they were being displayed. I think this is a way a manufacturer makes sure its product is being stocked and favorably displayed to the end-consumer by the retail merchant, which is a brilliant. A literal “army” of inspectors made up of regular folk armed with cameras randomly appearing and sharing in real-time how their product is being cared for and presented to the end-consumer. And I can do it anytime I want, with whoever I want, whereever I want, as often as I want, and make as much as I want, all on my terms and my schedule.

This app is awesome! It’s definitely not going to pay the bills but to make an extra $10 $15 dollars for gas or whatever is so easy!