Top 10 ECO hotels of 2014

When thinking of eco-friendly hotels or accommodations, many people picture low-quality service, flimsy tents, mosquitoes and other insects with no amenities. The fact is today’s wanderers and travelers do not have to sacrifice their comfort and luxury when opting for green.

Vacation season is just around the corner and if you are planning for a hill station or a trip to a place you have never been, there are more options than ever to choose from eco-friendly hotels. Since most of the travelers are green at heart and loves plants, eco-tourism has gained much significance. Hotels around the world are becoming more user-friendly these days. Everyone is realizing that going green is not an option anymore but a necessity in order to save the nature and majesty of the nature that we are cherishing today. Green resorts and hotels play an important role in this whole thing as they not only make your trip worth remembering and grand but give you a feeling of assurance that you are not exploiting the natural beauty just because of your enjoyment and fun. Here is the list of Top 10 eco-hotels of 2014 from all across the globe offering you a high-class facility with nature spreading everywhere:

10) Song Saa Private Island:

It is Cambodia but it is not that Cambodia you got the picture in your mind after hearing its name. Song Saa private island is more of a Maldives or Seychelles kind of thing. This spectacular place in the Gulf of Thailand is as close to nature as it could get, and Song Saa’s 27 villas make the most of their magical setting. Beautiful raw nature, immaculate design, and services that exceed expectations. You will be absolutely stunned and blown away by its sheer beauty and the wonderful staff who will make your stay perfect. Overwater bungalows, world-class luxury, pristine waters, and whatnot. Cambodia has everything to offer to its visitors and very few people on earth have experienced it.

9) Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa:

A complete rebuild and renovation of the island’s traditional hotel, with 79 rooms and an ocean vista in the center of Hangaroa. The exterior of the guestrooms resembles ancient island caves, made of volcanic rocks, natural local clay, and cypress woods. Inside, visitors await luxurious and comfortable appointments including cozy beds, oversized bathtubs, and breathtaking views. Each room feels like a cottage, with views and patio of the oceans. Sustainable practices extend to solar and wind power generation that will ultimately protect the green environment from damage. The earthy and elegant feel of the hotel is refreshing. There is no better place to stay on Easter island than Hangaroa eco.

8) Dana Guest House:

Situated overlooking the Dana Nature Reserve, Dana guesthouse is a splendid locally-run hotel. It is an exceptional location at the head of a beautifully scenic valley. It offers accommodation with a real WOW factor by virtue of the breathtaking views that each balcony offers. Equipped and furnished with simple and good taste. Common and clean baths and showers. The quality of food is excellent — the plentiful buffet catering for all tastes. The guesthouse is run and managed by Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) and the staff is quite knowledgeable about each aspect.

7) Earthship Rentals:

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a completely different place, then this is your chance. Earthship provides fully furnished homes, unique completely off the grid sustainable living. It includes private units, small luxury homes and other special properties in Taos, New Mexico. This is not just a hotel but it provides an experience of living truly is modern and sustainable homes. It has everything from WiFi, TV, delicious food all in a green resort. You will be amazed by the technology and the amount of work into this very funky place. You will have a truly bizarre experience. This is an unusual thing to see, people living off the grid in recycled and reused materials. It is worth checking! Try it, you will like it for sure.

6) Maison Anglaise:

Maison Anglaise is a perfect place to get to know about Berber culture. The English speaking staff arranges trips to rural villages and schemes the guesthouse supports. Maison Anglaise was awarded the Green Key for carrying out the best sustainable practices such as serving locally grown produce and using solar panels to heat water etc. What makes it more special are the warm welcome and local insights offer by the staff, lead by the husband and wife Said and Latifa. You will have a beautiful cultural experience. The hotel provides a wonderful base for a truly Moroccan experience which is a privilege to be a part of.

5) EcoLodge Chepu Adventures:

Ecolodge Chepu Adventures is located in a beautiful spot facing the Chepu River and sunken forest, a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The owners have designed everything at this eco property with the aim of full self-reliance, from wind-generated electricity to infrared solar showers to wood-alternative fiber construction. The guests have the opportunity to experience and enjoy nature while living in a sustainable lodge. They have paperless fingerprint technology and only use rainwater in the bathroom and kitchen. They use their roofs to collect rainwater and save this water in larger tanks and wells for later use. Also, their cuisine is cooked with natural and organic products provided by local greenhouses and family farms.

4) Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Ideally located at the foot of Machu Pichu, in Aguas Calientes, this hotel is the perfect blend of nature and history. This stunning hotel features a series of casitas, beautiful bungalows scattered around a breathtaking tropical forest. The rooms are clean and charming and the area is surrounded by the beauty of nature. Also, the staff is very cooperative, knowledgeable and friendly and will offer you a very warm welcome at your arrival. Though it very close to the bus and railway station but despite the fact, it is very peaceful and calm.

3) Chole Mijni:

A real gateway to a beautiful remote island, Chole Mijni is one of the most original and natural small lodges that you will come across in Tanzania. Anne de Villiers and Jean built this lodge with a very clear perspective which contributes hugely to the well being of the atmosphere. It is located on Chole Island, just off the coast of Mafia Island. You will find beautiful tree houses there that add up in the beauty of the island. The resort is for real eco, but so well managed that it is adventurous and fun. Swim in crystal clear water or coral with different colors will leave you speechless.  Thus, staying at Chole is more than lodging, it is one of those experiences you will cherish your entire lifetime. Though it is a bit expensive it’s worth every penny of yours.

2) Bulungula Backpackers

On a remote, spectacular beach in a vibrant community, you will a new eco-friendly natural paradise known as Bulungula. The road to Bulungula passes through the village Quan, where Nelson Mandela spent most of his childhood and where he was buried. At the very end of the road where the Bulungula river falls into the Indian Ocean, the unexploited beauty will take your breath away. It is a beautiful find — an extremely refreshing spot and the lodge itself is no exception. There are great energy and vibe about this place. The social areas, African songs around the campfire and around the fire pit are great. Visitors and welcomed by friendly and well-trained staff. Beautiful scenery, great showers, interesting people, positive vibe, delicious food. What more could you ask for? A perfect place to spend your vacations in an eco-friendly environment.

1) Lapa Rios:

An exciting and unique introduction to Costa Rica. The Osa peninsula is a natural treasure. Waking up to the roar of monkeys and the swish of the distant surf is an unexplainable feeling. The bungalows present beautiful views of the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean. It is hard to find anywhere in the world where dense and thick rainforests are filled with abundant wildlife — monkeys, reptiles, birds, you name it. The lodge also offers a beautiful pool and a palm-thatched restaurant with a spiral round staircase leading up to present the panoramic views of the platform. The staff is the best, friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. Thus, Lapa Rios is the perfect place to stay, providing a perfect blend of luxury with natural beauty. You will have a natural rainforest right at your doorstep with different species of wildlife at every turn. Nearby falls, a good beach, a luxurious and comfortable resort. Life cannot get any more perfect. So take out your swimsuit to swim in the pristine Pacific waters or just sit back on the balcony and soak up that view.