Top 10 Luxury Brands

Maybe in your mind, you wonder that – What the luxury brand is and what they actually mean and which are the top 10 luxury brands? So here is the explanation of the basic term and as well the detail information about the current top luxury brands.

What is a luxury brand?

In general luxury items or goods mean services or products which aren’t rudimentary or elemental and can be defined as affluence. The luxury brand is a brand for which almost each and every product is luxury items and goods. Associated with the luxury brand are high quality, high price, and prestige or status.

The Luxury Industry

Of the global economy, one of the segments is the luxury industry, which registers more rapidly and stability rising. For deciding and measuring overall main players it’s possible to use brand value.

Luxury Market Remains Relevant

Even in an era of belt-tightening and economic recession the luxury market remains a significant and vital rising segment in the global marketplace. This can be credited to several factors, for example, an ability to produce and design lots of luxury goods while more well-off and wealthy consumers also with quality brands have an emotional connection and are thus faithful to these brands regardless of prices. Well-off consumers also wish to impress others by their ability to pay such high rates for luxury goods. By gaining luxury goods, their social positions and wealth are being proven and their status in their societies communicated. When people buy luxury goods they also have a sense of achievement by being able to meet the expense of the finer things in life as a result of their victory.

Luxury Brands are also major Brands

Luxury brands and the “life of Riley” meet in a world of unique identity, style, exclusivity, an emotional connection and salience with services and products of premium pricing and high quality. Luxury brands are also observed as main brands. So main the thing which distinguishes as a luxury brand is perceived as having a nearly iconic status and desired and wanted at a level which eliminates considering the purchase of counterfeits, genuine and being observed as exceptional and created with precision; available worldwide with at least thirty percent sales in other countries such as the Europe, America, and Asia. So here is the list of top 10 luxury brands.

(10) Burberry (3,379 $M)

Burberryis a very famous British luxury fashion house, distributing fashion accessories, clothing, sunglasses, fragrances, and cosmetics. Its unique and exclusive tartan pattern has become trademarks which are copied very widely.In the 19th century in Basingstoke, United Kingdom Thomas Burberry established a luxury fashion house. Thomas Burberry designed trench coats as are the most famous product of the company. The fashion house has franchises and branded stores around the world and also trades through concessions in third-party stores. Burberry cooperates with celebrities as Agyness Deyn, Kate Moss, or George Craig.

(9) Fendi (3,422 $M)

Fendi is a luxury fashion house from Italy whose specialties include fragrances, leather goods, eyewear, writing instruments, and timepieces. The company is very famous for its handbags known as “baguette”. In the early 20th century the fashion house was founded by Edoardo and Adele Fendi Fragrances. Like a lot of brands in the top 10 luxury brands, it is also the subsidiary of LVMH. Though first products were fur and leather, at the present time Fendi is aiming other luxury good as eye-wear, fragrances, and watches.In 1985 the fashion house launches its first perfume, Fendi for women. And the line is further expended to FendiUomo for men, TheoremaUomo, and celebration, for women Asja and Fantasia. And in August the latest was released known as ‘Fan di Fendi’. The timepieces watches production of Fendi is currently licenses to Taramax, in which the company has a controlling interest. The production has two main categories: one for women and the other for men.

(8) Moët & Chandon (4,570 $M)

Moët & Chandon is also known as Moët, It is a French winery, and is owned by LVMH Company. This company is the biggest champagne producers in the globe. To supply champagne to Elizabeth II the company holds a Royal Warrant. In 1743 Moët et Chandon was established by Claude Moët, and in the present-day owner of more than 12,500 acres of vineyards, and annually 26,000,000 bottles of champagne are produced approximately.Very famous are DomaineChandonandDom Perignon.

(7) Hennessy (4,997 $M)

The Jas Hennessy & Co also abbreviated as Hennesy, is a French winery and in the 18th-century brand was founded by Richard Hennessy. In the city, Cognac is the headquarters of the company. The Hennesy is the glob’s biggest and largest Cognac producer. LVMH is the owner of the brand.

(6) Rolex (5,269 $M)

The brand Rolex is a Swiss manufacturer and seller of high-quality and top wristwatches. In Geneva, Switzerland is the headquarters. Rolex is widely held because of the main modernism and innovation existence of a brand, for example in 1923 the first waterproof wristwatch or in 1954 the first wristwatch to show at once two time zones. Today it is the leading luxury watches brands around the globe.In 1905 it was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London, England, in 1919 the company moved its base of operations to Geneva, Switzerland. It is the biggest single luxury watch brand, which produces watches about 2,000 per day, with estimated revenues of US$ 7.4 billion in 2012. It has three popular watch lines: Professional and Cellini (the Cellini line is Rolex’s line of ‘dressy’ watches), Oyster Perpetual, and Jubilee, President and Oyster are the primary bracelets for the Oyster line.

(5) Cartier (5,327 $M)

Cartier is also a famous French company from Paris. The luxury brand is about stunning and stylish watches and jewelry. Cartier is part of CompagnieFinancièreRichemont SA. In the 20th century, it was established and the brand Cartier is founded by the old family genus Cartier. There are almost 200 lavish boutiques of the band worldwide. And the most significant and special are the high quality and durable quality Cartier watches.

(4) Chanel (6,823 $M)

French, privately held company “Chanel” and the owners of the company are grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, who was an early business partner of the couturier Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. A high fashion house Chanel S.A. that specializes in luxury goods and haute couture, ready-to-wear clothes, and fashion accessories. COCO was the nickname gained by Gabrielle Chanel in her youth. As a famous and trendy fashion designer, Coco Chanel catered to women’s taste for a class in dress, with suits and blouses, dresses and trousers, and of simple design jewelry i.e. gemstone and bijouterie, that replaced the sumptuous, over-designed, and constrictive accessories and clothes of 19th-century fashion. The Chanel product brands have been personified by actresses and fashion models, including Catherine Deneuve, Inès de la Fressange, Vanessa Paradis, Carole Bouquet, Nicole Kidman, LucíaHiriart, Anna Mouglalis, Hope Portocarrero,  Keira Knightley, Audrey Tautou, and Marilyn Monroe. The House of Chanel is also famous for the perfume No.5 de Chanel, little black dresses and the Chanel Suit.

(3) Gucci (7,449 $M)

The House of Gucci is the full name and it is a famous brand of Italian fashion and leather goods. In the 19th century, it was founded by Guccio Gucci, owned by PPR Company and is part of Gucci Group., Gucci is one of the top-selling Italian fashion brands, according to Business Week. The Gucci produces high-end and top quality clothing and leather goods. It is the largest selling Italian brand. about 278 directly-operated stores worldwide are operated by Gucci and it wholesales its goods and products upscale departmental stores and franchises. Guinness World Records for the Gucci is something exceptional about this brand, in 1998 the “Genius Jeans” as the most exclusive and costly pair of jeans in the globe.

(2) Hermès (11,917 $M)

With a long and great history, it is also a famous French fashion house. Thierry Hermès was the founder of the company and in the capital city of France -‘Paris’ are the headquarters. Hermès is focusing on lifestyle accessories, high-fashion ready-to-wear clothing, leather, and jewelry – typical are handmade handbags and luggage. Hermès International S.Aistheowner of the brand.

(1) Louis Vuitton (24,312 $M)

It is the most famous and popular and high-quality French fashion house. In the 19th century it was founded, and today in the world it is a synonym with luxury fashion. It is a universal fashion house with a whole heap of standalone boutiques. At Label LV you can catch on extremely high quality and stunning ready-to-wear goods, watches, shoes, accessories, sunglasses, books and elegant jewelry. The main head of this brand is Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy S.A also known as LVMH. The Louis Vuitton is usually abbreviated as LV and which almost appears on its every product. Form 2006–2012 six consecutive years, LV has been named the world’s most appreciated luxury brand.

As long as there are an appreciation and likeness of the finer and quality things in life which only lots of money can purchase, the luxury brands and luxury market will continue to blossom.