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And furthermore rather than simply the 2 things of blossoms outside would you be able to make a bloom shop? Counting like jars and stuff? Can you likewise include like an infant shop and have like child toys?!?! You could likewise include like a child bouncer!! You should included one or these highlights. It would likewise be cool in the event that you include an element where you can make your own thing, I’m thinking there can be a choice when you first open the application! 


P.s: in the event that you include one PLZ include the pet shop!!!” This game is incredible! In any case, I have a few updates that would suit the game! You ought to have a hair style shop and have the option to change hair shading! You ought to have condos and an eatery or two. You ought to have more stores and houses. Also, my preferred one…. More characters!!!! (Youngsters grown-ups infants and children!) thank you for understanding this and please update all renditions of my playhouse! money earn app

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“I love this game it may even be my top pick. I am going into center school I despite everything play this game. The main issue… You should include a café and a pet store. On the off chance that you do this you would get more downloads. You ought to likewise include a rec center for the characters to work out. I would cherish on the off chance that you included a sea shore with swimsuits for the characters. Over all I love this game.😀😀😀 I figure you ought to likewise include a pooch park on the off chance that you make a pet store” 


Its actual I love these games!!! My cousins couldn’t put it down and I began playing the game as well. I simply have a few inquiries, Why aren’t you so anyone might hear to take the individuals who work in the stores with you? Additionally you should include an infant store, similar to child garments and infant toys, and perhaps you could include a few young people. I know your expression we as of now have them, yet the children are 7-11 at any rate. Much thanks to you for understanding this. 


Would you locate any opportunity please make an application where we can make our own universes and call it “my play universes”so we can make our own towns, individuals, places, nourishments, urban areas, nation land, houses, ETC, anything, similar to you can make chocolate Popsicles, bananas, hoverboards, Electric bikes, furniture, waterways, lakes, ETC, anything, kindly do that thank you please utilize a similar arrangement you use for the other my mess around and bless your heart. From, Leah money earning application


I completely love these games and need more to open. Once in a while I believe aren’t I somewhat old for them since I’m in center school yet no I despite everything love them I figure you should include a pet store, an eatery, a toy store , a childcare, a recreation center/better play ground , perhaps an entertainment mecca, more houses , and you ought to have a sea shore, pool , and lake and swimsuits so the individuals can swim thx for understanding this.