When considering the two popular app platforms for apps, google play store, and app store. Both provide a single goal platform, releasing apps but work in different ways and different algorithms. When you understand the app store competition, with at least 2.5 million apps in google play store and 2.3 apps in ios app store alone, you should realize good marketing techniques are a must. In-depth aso analysis and ranking factors of both the app stores helps it easier to increase traffic and conversion rate.

On account of the app store analysis, we give little information about how aso factors google play works and how you can analyze them.


Content optimization:

High ranking quality for any app is content optimization. Using a creative and engaging description of the app in a broad spectrum helps in conversion rates—proper usage of keywords in the description without overusing them is also important. Content should provide real value for a user; it shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

Content description length:

In an analysis by Neil Patel, it is found that content description, which has more word count, has higher-ranking positions. A relatively longer description with engaging words always makes the user interested in reading the description.

New updates:

Google seems to be biased and ranks the apps and blogs who update frequently. Google’s freshness algorithm always results in your app higher than other core elements. If you are an app or website that hasn’t been updated recently in a few months, making new changes surely boosts the conversion rate.


Backlinks are one of the strongest aso factors android, which always ranks high when your app has more backlinks. The links you have in great domains, the better your android app ranks. 

Create a good mobile compatible website:

 Most of the developers first create desktop app versions and later mobile versions. But now, since most of the users use mobiles, creating an excellent compatible mobile version for your website helps in ranking your app website higher. With good user interface in both the desktop and mobile versions, help you get good user reviews.

Good user experience:

User experience is almost considered a relatively less important factor. But when users are happy with the experience of your app, they give good reviews and ratings. Good reviews are the most influential off metadata factors in both the app stores. 

Keeping in touch with your users and asking for reviews and correcting mistakes is considered an excellent social factor by the google algorithm. 


With heavy competition and ever changing marketing trends, always keep in mind that aso is an ever-changing process, and you always need to keep updating your app’s aso for staying at the top.