Over hundreds and thousands of apps are present on Google store and only few of them are downloaded while the others remain unrecognized , to make your app very much visible to the users and attract more traffic you need to improve your app profile. 

The App Store Optimization service technique helps you to reach that place where you can compete with other apps worldwide. It Increases  the number of  organic downloads by focusing on the right keywords. Move up the charts in your app category as well for highly competitive target keywords.

The ASO agencies focus on maintaining a balance between your keywords,  descriptions,  uniqueness etc. They try to maintain a 100 character keyword list , app title and promotional text that drive the maximum value for search visibility.

App store Optimization packages 

These agencies provide you with the facility to optimize your app by providing you App store Optimization packages , under these packages you will get the facility to optimize your keywords,  optimize the app conversion rate in all they are going to make your app profile more unique and appealing.

These  App store Optimization packages include.

  • Initial in- depth review
  • On an off page Optimization 
  • Social media Optimization 
  • Monthly content Optimization 

These pages are classified into three basic categories 

  • THE STARTUP PACKAGE-  In this package the agencies do 10 keyword analysis and provide assurance of 1000 to 1500 downloads within 3 months.
  • MEDIUM PACKAGE- It involves 15 keywords analysis and provides and assurance of 2500 to 3000 downloads within 3 months and also create presence in digital press.
  • GROWTH PACKAGE- This package basically involves business looking increase market within no time. They do a 20 keywords analysis and an assurance of 4000 to 5000 downloads. 

Facilities under App store Optimization packages  

Keyword Optimization- The very important service  facility from  App store Optimization packages is keyword Optimization service,  great knowledge of keywords is required in order to improve the search rank of your app, it is very necessary to have a great understanding of keywords. You should know the basic keywords which the customers often use .Another very important thing  to keep in mind is a good translation of your description that is sensitive to cultural norms and knows how to speak in the target language that is what makes a difference. 

Conversion Rate Optimization the practice includes the process of  improving App Store & Google Play store architecture (icon, screenshots, videos, title, etc.) with the goal of increasing app store conversion rates. 

ASO Measurement- the practice of measuring the impact and value of different ASO tactics on users.

App rating and review- It is a must to know how satisfied your users are with your app and that can be easily measured using app reviews and ratings; an app with a positive rating has a high chance of installs. 

The positive app reviews and ratings will increase the chances for your app to get displayed on the top and that will eventually result into greater app visibility and more number of downloads. review are crucial in shaping app users perception about  an app, And how or why they find a particular app better than others .

Add Screenshots and Videos –Screenshots and videos with your app description . Images convey more about what actually you are trying to explain about the app allowing potential customers to visualize using your app before they make the download.

Your screenshots should clearly indicate your app’s most significant features, latest updates, and the pages on which your customers will spend most of their time.