The Android App Store Optimization Practical Guide (Android ASO)

In the Google Play store, there are more than 2.6 million Android applications and more than 2 million apps in the Apple App Store, used by about 3 billion mobile users worldwide, with these numbers rising every year. These are huge and overwhelming numbers, especially if you’re a developer trying to get your app noticed. 

*What is Android ASO?

Much as internet marketers use Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, to rate their web pages highly in the search results of Google, app developers need to use App Store Optimization, or Android  ASO, to get their app to the top of the search results of the app store. You will see it as an App Store SEO.

Unfortunately, much like the true SEO algorithm, the true ranking algorithms in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for Android apps are not currently known, and can change periodically. However, we do know that the App Store rankings are more influenced by some things than others. Your app could rank higher, be seen by more users, and receive more downloads by taking advantage of these App Store Optimization tips. 

In the Google Play store, titles are treated a little differently. There, for your word, you get a mere 30 characters, so you have to be incredibly succinct. However, for Android apps, you don’t have to be as worried about keywords in the title; for Google Play for Android ASO as we describe in step two, the keywords should go in the summary. 

*Wisely Use Keywords

There is no unique keyword area with Google Play, though. The overview of the app, however, is searchable, and you have a handy 4000 characters to work with. 

You’ll want to add the most significant keywords in your summary five times for the best Android ASO i.e App Store Optimization service. Be careful not to overdo it, though, keyword stuffing will penalise your app (just as keyword stuffing on a website will penalise your site by Google), resulting in a decrease in your rating. There is a fine line between optimising and stuffing the explanation of the app with keywords-the trick is to make sure it reads well and makes sense for a person to read it, not just for the algorithm of the App Store. 

*Describe Well Your App:-

For Android ASO applications, the overview of your app is like the landing page of your website. You want to be able to close the deal and make the sale if you’ve got your potential buyer this far! The overview and page of your app inside the app store should also be considered as an important part of your Android ASO i.e App Store Optimization Strategy

Start by assuming that, besides its name, users know very little about your app. You need to think about it as your client does. In terms of bullet points, it also helps to think:

  • What’s your app doing?
  • What’s the problem it solves?
  • How is it going to make life easier for the buyer?
  • Why is the price worth it?