What are the ways App ratings can harm you?

As stated, we generally look for the app rating before we download an app. This is pretty normal and most probably the only way of differentiating a good app from a basket of apps. Now, when the ratings are effected, we basically have no clue whether we are downloading a worthy app or if it is just an hoax. The situation gets worse for paid apps. Before paying for any service, we normally read the reviews by previous users and go through the ratings of the app.

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 By going through the app rating, we come to know about the type of app that we are about to use. A good rating means that the app can be trusted and it delivers everything that has been promised. One look at the app rating and we know if it is okay to download the app or not.These things are very important to know before you spend your money on any service honest money earning app. It would be awful if you spent some 500 bucks for an app which does not have a good content and is unstable. This is where user ratings help right? But, unfortunately these ratings are now adulterated by developers. There is no way to differentiate between genuine and forged reviews and sometimes we end up downloading the wrong product or paying for the wrong service.We now know about the adulteration going on in the App Store with the reviews and app ratings.

Why do we need user experience for buying app ratings? 

User experience is a vital thing to be considered while taking into account the app ratings. There are various reasons for this. The most important one is the guidelines by Google. Google has a strict policy regarding the use of bots or using spam as a means to improve the app rating or review. If found, the app is liable to be removed out of the Play Store. If developers use ratings which are genuine and take into consideration the prior user experience, then there will be no issues involved. Giving genuine ratings has a very important significance. When the ratings display the actual user experience, it is good for both the company and the customers https://www.freehitapp.org/.

 With genuine ratings, customers can make a detailed and informed choice regarding their selection. And the company can derive insights from the app’s actual performance. These insights can help the developers to work more smartly on their app. This way the app stays competitive and shows a high quality of product delivery. Apps have become a part of our lives now. More than that, they have become an essential part of the economy and like other economies, app business should be transparent too. The apps should have genuine ratings and reviews and even if there is an option of buying apps, it should be made very clear that user experience on the app is a must have. After all, it is these ratings and feedbacks that decide the future of the app. Bangalore is seeing a surge in companies related to creative marketing. These Creative marketing companies in Bangalore are a top notch solution to all you app marketing requirements. The creative agencies come up with innovative ideas to meet your needs.